Carley + Bryce | PEARLS 2015 | South Florence High School

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with my not so”little” anymore brother and his sweet girlfriend before they headed off to the PEARLS semi-formal for the second year in a row!  It was so great to be a part of their night again and to have the opportunity to record some moments they will be remembering for years to come! Here’s some of my favorite from our time together!



Welcome Charlotte Grace | Newborn Lifestyle Session | Florence SC Family Photographer

I had the BEST time with my friends Carmen + Jordan and their sweet baby girl Charlotte!  A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend the day with them and take some photos of them just being themselves and capture the first few days of the rest of their lives with a new baby girl.  These sessions are by FAR my FAVORITE type of newborn sessions because these are the days that go by in an instant.  Those precious newborn days are here and gone quicker than anyone would like and I think it’s just the greatest thing to have REAL MOMENTS to look back on.  Enough of me being emotional… on to the photos!2015-05-29_0001 2015-06-11_0001 2015-06-11_0002 2015-06-11_0003 2015-06-11_0004 2015-06-11_0005 2015-06-11_0006 2015-06-11_0007 2015-06-11_0008 2015-06-11_0009 2015-06-11_0010 2015-06-11_0011 2015-06-11_0012 2015-06-11_0013 2015-06-11_0014 2015-06-11_0015 2015-06-11_0016 2015-06-11_0017 2015-06-11_0018 2015-06-11_0019 2015-06-11_0020 2015-06-11_0021 2015-06-11_0022 2015-06-11_0023 2015-06-11_0024 2015-06-11_0025 2015-06-11_0026 2015-06-11_0027 2015-06-11_0028 2015-06-11_0029 2015-06-11_0030 2015-06-11_0031 2015-06-11_0032 2015-06-11_0033 2015-06-11_0034

Farrah+Roxie | Mother’s Day Session | Kalmia Gardens Hartsville SC Family Photography

My goodness!  What to say about sweet little Miss Roxie and her beautiful momma Farrah?  I had the best time with these two at Kalmia Gardens in Hartsville SC last week.  She may have started off as a shy little thing but by the end of her session Roxie was begging for me to hold her and wanting to come home with me!  I would call that a successful job in winning her over!  Here’s a few of my personal favorites from our time together!

2015-04-28_0001 2015-04-28_0002 2015-04-28_0003 2015-04-28_0004 2015-04-28_0005 2015-04-28_0006

Jessi+Lolli | Mother’s Day Session | Hartsville SC Family Photography

EEEK! This adorable little family is BACK!  I absolutely LOVE any chance to see these cute faces again and catch up since our last session. This time last year I was sharing Jessi’s Maternity photos and a few short months later sweet little Lolli graced the world with her 1000 mega-watt smile and things just haven’t been the same since!  I got the chance to see the two of them again last week and get some photos for our Mother’s Day Sessions we’re offering and we had a FABULOUS time. Lolli’s got a life full of adventure on Jessi’s families land and she looks at each and every day with a sense of awe and wonder!  It’s so much fun seeing the great big world through such little eyes!

Here’s a few of my favorites from our time together and if you’d like details on one of the few spots we have left click here:

2015-04-16_0001 2015-04-16_0002 2015-04-16_0003 2015-04-16_0004 2015-04-16_0005 2015-04-16_0006 2015-04-16_0007 2015-04-16_0008 2015-04-16_0009

Keep on the lookout for even more adorable faces coming your way in the next few weeks leading up to Mother’s Day!